About Us

Ninjaboi Media is the venture of a millennial urban ninja who just wants a place online to share his passion projects.

In pursuit of this ninja’s interests, videos will be shot, blogs will be posted and who knows what else will be created to sate this ninja’s obsessions.

Covering Dance, General Geekery (including, but not limited to: Anime, Cosplay, Video Games, Technology), Pop Culture and Media, The Filipino American Experience and who knows what else.

Where did the name Ninjaboi Media come from?

Ninjaboi came from an old nickname that has a variety of influences. Running around my school on anything but the pavement, anime, and an old family in-joke involving ninjas.  One of my first online screennames was Ninjaboi – my high school self had to be unique and special so went with the i instead of the y. This worked out well later when in college I was trying to register a YouTube channel under Ninjaboi Productions, and Ninja Boy productions was already taken (albeit defunct).  In 2015 I chose to shift to the name Ninjaboi Media (rather than Productions) to better represent my efforts to engage in many forms of media, not just video.

As far as whether or not the name is still relevant or not, there are a lot of strong memories associated with this moniker, and it’s come to represent something I’d like to emulate – witnessing everything from the background, gaining knowledge about the world about me, and (trying) to make incisive insights about what interests me, all while trying to make my way in the crazy crazy world I live in.