Welcome to Ninjaboi Media!

Thanks for visiting the Ninjaboi Media blog! I don’t know how or why you stumbled across this blog (hi mom!) but I hope you like what you see.

Things that you can expect to find on this blog include (but are not limited to):

  • Anime Reviews
  • Movie / TV Show Reviews
  • Video / Board Game Reviews
  • Magic the Gathering related posts (deck brews, custom sets, limited reports)
  • Dancer Spotlights
  • Any videos I work on as part of the Ninjaboi Productions label
  • A soon to start blog series called “For Your Consideration” where I highlight podcasts and YouTube channels I think are worth checking out.
  • If I ever get around to actually starting a podcast, I’ll post it here. I have ideas for some, but have not yet executed (story of my life)

To be quite frank and realistic I’ve been hit or miss when it comes to keeping up with blogging, but I figure one of these times, it’ll stick.

Keep It Funky!